5 sep. 2013

De mi última lectura.

The Goliath Stone
-Larry Niven & Matthew Joseph Harrington

-Prudence is the belief that bad things have preventable causes. Paranoia is the belief that it´s all the same cause. Politics is the belief that you know what cause is.

-Connor´s use to say one man´s petty spite can do more good than any number of saintly reformers. He was a godawful cynic...which he defined as someone who love mankind but is sick of being cheated on.

-"The videogame arcade. Whole point of the Olympics is to show what your people can do in war. Thanks to japanese we´ve raised three generation of kids who can knock down a flight of nuclear missiles whit their thumbs. It´s certain to make a difference."

-"Civil War. I wish there was another term for that. It always sound like you don´t shoot anyone you haven´t been introduced to."

-"...ultimately, every drug prescribed for any strong emotion produces apathy. That´s the desired condition of nonentity."

-Childhood is still it´s own punishment.

-"Always be suspicious of a culture whose cuisine is based on ingredients with no expiration date."

-"You might find it helpful to read the works of Robert Heinlein and Poul Anderson. The hallmark of a truly great philosopher is that he never writes books on philosophy, and those two are the best. Anderson for how to get along with people who are conspicuously wrong, and Heinlein for when not to."

-"They think," Toby heard Edmundson say. "Do they have souls?"
"I don´t see why not ," Mycroft said. "Cats certainly do; watch one for a day. Souls seem to be contagious."

-Love is that condition where someone else´s happiness is necessary to your own. -ROBERT ANSON HEINLEIN