31 oct. 2011

Entierro B

"Diagrama de un entierro" 2008 creo. Era la versión con los colores que a mí me habían gustado después de dibujarlo.

"What is it like when you lose someone you love?" Jane Asked.

"You die, too," I said. "And you wait around for your body to catch up."

"Is that what you´re doing now?" Jane said. "Waiting for your body to catch up, i mean."

"No, not anymore," I said. "You eventually get to live again. You just live a different life, is all."

"So you are on your third life now," Jane said.

"I guess i am," I said.

"How do you like this life?" Jane asked.

"I like it," I said. "I like the people in it."

Old Man´s War de John Scalzi, que jodidamente buen libro